Our Farm Partners

Alden Hills Organic Farms has one mission: to provide you and your family with the healthiest, highest-quality pastured meats that we can produce.

We are a firm believer that wholly nourishing food comes from building a farm eco-system that enhances both soil and animals. Our meats are Certified Organic and guaranteed grass-fed, grass-finished and always out on pasture. 

We specialize in grass-fed beef, pastured poultry, eggs, garlic and popcorn.

Our family farm is located in Randolph, Wisconsin. Here, the “growing” begins for our many delicious varieties of sweet corn. Established in 1912, our farm has grown from serving our small-town community to feeding thousands across Wisconsin! Known for their famous sweet corn, Alsum Sweet Corn is a Wisconsin staple found in the Madison farmers market as well as 8 other locations each the week.

Baby Mama Botanicals grows starts, vegetables, herbs. cut flowers, and medicinal herbs for their growing customer base. 

We’ve been helping raise awareness of the plight of pollinators for nearly 20 years… During that time we’ve organized dozens of marches, parades, bee-ins and hive-side classes. We’ve helped draft ordinances, spoken to city councils, presented at conferences, universities, eco-concerts and business meetings. We’ve partnered with congregations, retirement centers, zoos and airports. Given hundreds of talks and shifted thousands of people’s thinking about bees. We know how to spread buzz love. Oh, we got some amazing honey to boot!

Brightonwoods Orchard was established in 1950 as a weekend retreat. Initially a hobby orchard, it grew from 3 acres to 18.5 acres, on 4,000 dwarf and semi-dwarf trees. Brightonwoods’ emphasis is on preserving existing heirloom varieties and growing standard and newer commercial varieties.

A collaborative venture with AeppelTreow Winery began in 2001. The winery specializes in apple and pear fruit wines, hard ciders and dessert wines. An on-site distillery allows the winery to also produce special brandies and sorghum whiskey. 

Brightonwoods Orchard is located on one of Wisconsin’s scenic Rustic Roads between Milwaukee and Chicago. It is immediately adjacent to the Richard J. Bong State Recreation Area, a managed prairie with hiking trails, campgrounds and visitors’ center.

Clock Shadow Creamery is a pioneering urban cheese factory committed to being a model local venture.  Our goal is to produce and provide our customers with amazingly fresh, local cheese. Our mission is simple; our cheese factory will tread softly on the local environment, provide opportunities to learn the craft of cheese making, educate the public on the nutrient value of fresh dairy products, and connect local farmers choices, with the values of our customers.

Opening in April of 2012, Clock Shadow Creamery is located on the ground floor of the newest “green” Fix building in the Walker’s Point Neighborhood. While it is the first urban cheese factory in Wisconsin, our cheese makers are certainly aged – with wisdom.  Clock Shadow Creamery was created by the founders of Cedar Grove Cheese, one of Wisconsin’s oldest cheese producers.  

Since 1997, Cream City Soap Company has been creating aromatherapy products in Milwaukee. Our raw materials are fresh, and we make small batches by hand, to ensure the best quality.

We started with just soap, but now we offer a full array of bath, body and home products that are healthy, sustainable and biodegradable. Our packaging reflects our concern about single use containers. Soap is vegan and sold naked. Other products are packed in reusable and refillable glass containers. There is a refill station at our store.

We are located in the heart of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin at 7463 Harwood Ave. Stop in for a chat! 

Full Harvest Farm is a 40-acre, mixed vegetable farm dedicated to certified organic production. Chuck and Terry are seasoned farmers who believe in building up soil and natural ecosystems that grow great vegetables and support a sustainable lifestyle. Chuck is the head farmer who believes heartily in growing organic food. With a B.S. degree in Soil Science and 26 years of experience growing certified organic vegetables, he is a quality voice in the organic movement and one worth listening to.

From the beautiful rolling prairies and hayfields of Wisconsin, Gentle Breeze Honey, Inc. proudly presents our “purely delicious” honey. What began in 1965 as one man’s passion has become a three-generation Woller family tradition. Our devoted staff works diligently to offer superior honey at a fair value while nurturing healthy honeybees.

In 1965 my wife Donna and I started Gentle Breeze Honey on a modest, part-time basis with the purchase of seven hives from a retiring beekeeper. The business was nurtured and sustained for many years with help from our three children, became a full-time endeavor in 1991, and has now grown to approximately 600 hives.

Soil is EVERYTHING in growing quality veggies.  Michelle is constantly tending to her soil and feeding it whole organic nutrients – rock powders, composts, local aged composted manures, and mulches.  Each small plot gets tested and evaluated for nutritional composition.  She believes that by keeping roots in the ground, soil testing, and doing no harm to the living biome we walk upon and rely on for our life and livelihood assures us of a healthy future!

Michelle grows unique varieties of vegetables, importing many heirloom seeds directly from Italy.  If you love rustic Italian Food, you will certainly appreciate the diverse and intense flavors of our escarole, fennel, tomatoes, and herbs.

I only grow Certified Naturally Grown vegetables which are Nutrient Dense and Full of Flavor – And sure to turn you into a vegetable lover like me! Gabe loves our vegetables too! Thank you for the opportunity to feed you!

To state it simply. Chris (Boy) and Pat (Mama) are a mother and son team that enjoy great tasting food. Pat grew up in a house where she learned a myriad of recipes and pairings of flavor profiles. Her passion for better flavor developed as she cooked and created her own brilliant dishes that have wowed people for years. Known as the type of “Mama” that seems to make food for an army when she’s “in the lab,” she’s always there with a warm meal and a kind demeanor that’ll keep you searching for a reason to stay.

Chris is the high energy guy that always has a smile on his face. His passion for people, which was at least partially learned from Pat, shines through when you ask him why their salsa is different from all the other choices on the shelf. His love for food was inherited from his mom’s cooking and developed throughout the many opportunities he was awarded during his time in the food and beverage industry.

Milwaukee Microgreens grows microgreens right here in the city of Milwaukee in both soil and hydroponic mediums. We sell to restaurants and residents in the Greater Milwaukee Area and are passionate about what we do. Growing over 30 different varieties of micros at a time, we are constantly pushing to better understand our vegetables, how to improve flavor, and how to germinate them effectively and safely. Simply put, we are passionate about microgreens.

Mushroom Mike LLC is a small, family owned, farm founded in the woods of Wisconsin.  Known first and foremost for wild mushrooms, Mushroom Mike LLC now procures hundreds of unique foraged and cultivated products to serve chefs in the Upper Midwest. Mushroom Mike LLC has devoted itself to foraging and sourcing the finest ingredients nature offers. Our product quality and dedication to customer service is second to none. From the woods and wasters…from the farm to the table…come taste the difference of food picked with passion.

The owners of the farm, Dawn and Rick are passionate about a few things. While our main purposes are providing clean, safe, nutritionally rich veggies and fruit to our community…we also have been active in West Africa since 2001. 

One, is the importance of ‘real’ food. Realizing how broken our current food systems are, the couple set out to grow and source from other reliable farmers healthy sustainable food and offer that to the public.

They also realize the effects of what the current food systems have done to their local communities. After realizing that most kids don’t realize where their food comes from…well … it has inspired the farm to do something about  it. 

Not far from Milwaukee, the Mequon Nature preserve is home to the Red Stone Rice farming operation that grows a southern Russian variety, producing brown and white rice while using organic farming practices.

Red Stone Rice LLC was founded by Michael Schläppi, a professor of biology at Marquette University. Funded by grants from Marquette University and the US Department of Agriculture, his research identified a high-yielding Southern Russian rice variety that could withstand the colder weather in Wisconsin. The first trial was grown on a rooftop garden at the university, and in 2017, one acre of rice paddies was established at the Mequon Nature Preserve. In partnership with the Fondy Food Center, Red Stone Rice is cultivated using sustainable organic practices without any input of agrochemicals by flooding the paddies with water from a nutrient rich pond. Red Stone Rice is thus locally sourced: grown, harvested, and packaged 20 minutes away from downtown Milwaukee!

River Valley Ranch is a multi-disciplinary, sustainable family food business that employs over 50 people, operating a year-round farm operation, farm store and kitchen in Wisconsin, a farm-to-table restaurant and grocery store in Chicago, and find our mushrooms, seasonal produce, and value-added products at a farmer’s market near you. We carry on the tradition of Bill Rose, with a commitment to quality, with a need to provide foods that we are proud to serve you.

Springdale Farm’s goal is to provide, for seven months, approximately 900 southeast Wisconsin households with a variety of fresh produce and eggs. 

During the last half century agriculture has become ‘addicted’ to chemicals, fossil fuels, and soil-depleting practices, all of which threaten our health, our future generations, and our ecosystems. Fortunately, there are both old-fashioned and cutting-edge practices that we utilize to ensure the long-term preservation, and natural fertility, of the soil, allowing us to totally avoid the use of chemical inputs that most farms have come to rely on. Such practices include cover cropping, interseeding, mulching, crop rotating and adding compost, minerals and microbial inoculants. 

Since 2009, we’ve been inspired to create a catering experience for weddingscorporate events and parties, which expresses the personality and passions of our clientele. Our own passion for great food inspires us to create exceptional dishes using the highest quality and locally sourced farm-to-fork ingredients. They use these ingredients and their kitchen to create tremendous shelf stable sauces for MFU customers.


Witte’s believes in clean, high quality products and fields.  We are not organic but we use the IPM method to control unwanted pests with the least amount of unnatural interference.  We strive for the widest variety of vegetables and fruits and are dedicated to the highest quality product with friendly, knowledgeable service.

The original farm was purchased in 1943 by Bob Witte’s grandfather, Edward. It was farmed by Bob’s father and uncle along with his grandfather and taken over by Bob and Chris in 1985. They raised their three children here, who plan to continue the farming tradition.