Milwaukee Farmers United

Our Values

Connecting Eaters
with Local Growers

Wisconsin is a hot bed of vegetable farming. The freshest, high quality produce is all around you, but unless you regularly visit Farmers Markets this level of freshness has truly been lost on most of us.

Natural &
Seasonal Eating

Support your local food economy by eating seasonally! Not only are you getting the freshest produce, but you’re severely cutting down on fueling the storage and transportation costs associated with out of season foods. 

Sustainable Packaging

Sustainability is a large part of our vision. We utilize paper and compostable bags whenever possible when packaging individual items for transit. Your order can be delivered in our standard tote, insulated zipper bag, or received in a cooler/vessel of your choosing. If you receive your order in one of our boxes, we simply ask you to leave it outside during your next delivery for a quick swap. It’s that easy. 

Cutting Down on Food Transportation

Studies have shown that on average, food travels over 1,500 miles from farm to grocer. We strongly believe in cutting down on this level of fuel consumption for both freshness and limiting our environmental impact. 

How to Start

What Our Customers Think

"Wonderful local produce. Hassle free! Delivered to your door!"
Laura T.
"We are so thankful for our farmers and our bellies have never been fuller! Thank you for making this so easy! Can’t wait to order more!"
Katie S.
"I love everything I’ve ordered from your company! And amazing customer service too!"
Jayne H.
"Love the variety of fresh veggies especially the amazing micro greens. The recently added salsas and hot sauces are incredible!"
Kristopher P.
"I ordered my first order last Sunday and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. All I knew is that I wanted to support our local farmers and find a way that limits sending a ton of small plastics with the food such as the meal delivery companies. After seeing the freshness of the produce on Wednesday, I immediately made my second order that night. The bread was amazing, the mushrooms are out of this world and super fresh, and I loved trying something new - the ramps...It’s been such a joy to share the pictures with my family, friends and coworkers promoting MFU. Thank you, thank you for all you do!"
Peggy S.

Eat Healthier,
Try New Foods,
Support Your Local Farms