Welcome to Milwaukee Farmers United!

Who are we?

Milwaukee Farmers United (MFU) is MKE’s only year-round Online Farmers Market. We aggregate offerings from a variety of local farms and producers, offering diverse options for our members while providing additional opportunities for local farmers to get their produce to market. We purchase your produce from our local farm partners, take it to our facility to pack our members’ customized boxes for delivery.

We take care of our members. Each week, our tight knit community enjoys cooking and baking with fresher and natural ingredients. If you believe in supporting our community’s food, eating fresher, and helping our earth in the process, we may be perfect for you and your family.

How does our service work?

We combine the best elements of Farmers Markets, CSAs, online shopping and home delivery to conveniently bring the farm to YOU! Our subscriptions give you the freshest local produce while supporting the many amazing farmers growing it. We require no recurring subscription: you chose what you want to buy each week, and when you spend $20 you get free delivery to your home or office.

Ease of Use

Your member account makes it very easy to fill your box and choose a delivery date – whether you’re at work, home, or on the go, it just takes a few clicks to order.

100% Fully Customizable

Shop whenever you like and chose between Wednesday or Sunday delivery. We send an email 2x a week with our newest products. We make it very easy to get exactly what you want!

Pay as You Go

We pride ourselves on being friendly to traditional CSA subscribers as there are no massive upfront costs typical to traditional CSAs. While we offer a credit system to save money over time, you can choose when to order and pay when you order.

Year Round Availability

Many farms only provide produce during the main growing season, but we work with a variety of farmers growing year round. You'll be surprised what can be grown in hoop houses or indoor hydroponic setups all year round! Don't let the January cold stop you from getting fresh greens 365 days out of the year.


We require a $20 minimum order for free delivery. That’s it. While you are considered a member with access to our store, you can order when you like with no obligation for weekly orders.

our Vendors


Springdale Farm grows 50+ vegetable and herb varieties each year providing unmatched selection on the freshest produce around.

Mushroom Mike LLC

 Known first and foremost for wild mushrooms, Mushroom Mike LLC procures hundreds of unique foraged and cultivated products to serve chefs in the Upper Midwest.

Full Harvest Farm

Full Harvest Farm is a 40-acre, mixed vegetable farm dedicated to certified organic production. Chuck and Terry are seasoned farmers who believe in building up soil and natural ecosystems that grow great vegetables and support a sustainable lifestyle. 

What can you expect from us?

We are a professional and committed team of farmers and food enthusiasts aiming to connect growers and eaters. We believe in the importance of quality food, grown by the incredible farmers and makers right in our backyard, without all the negative environmental effects.

Our service is unique in that we source our food carefully, working with farmers who believe in their crop and grow it onsite. It's a powerful feeling, knowing exactly where your food is sourced, learning how it's grown, and trusting those who grow it. If you're interested in a program that delivers these types of goods bi-weekly each and every week right to your door, click below to set up your free account and order your first farm box today!